It all started on July 24th, 2010 when Fialeny Hernandez was born and the Hernandez family was blessed with this beautiful bundle of joy. Shortly after she was born Fialeny, was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and as an infant she underwent two surgeries. The first for coarctation repair and the second for, abnormal blood flow between the major arteries connected to the heart.

Fialeny grew upon on the years with normal development and average growth spurs however, after her 3rd birthday, Fialeny had lived a life of restriction, she could not play any sports and had to be supervised for specific events. Her condition did not stop her from being a brave and determined girl with big obstacles in life. Soon after her birthday, Fialeny had to undergo another surgery to close a small hole located in the septum.

After careful review and more studies she was treated for a variety of issues. She was quickly admitted for subvalvular aortic membrane resection, VSD patch closure and PFO closure. She was transported to Pittsburgh from Cleveland for revision for a heart transplant evaluation.

Various months passed and she went through recovery and was discharged from the hospital. She maintained a severe decrease in function in her left and right ventricle.

Since her 5th birthday Fialeny, had struggled in recuperating, she continued to exhibit poor appetite, fatigue, growth lag and unstable height and weight percentiles. She met the criteria for New York Heart Association Class 1 congestive heart failure and for American College of Cardiology Stage C congestive heart failure. At this point in her life, Fialeny was confirmed to require a peacemaker in the future and heart transplant.

In 2016, Fialeny was admitted to the hospital from health complications. She battled in the hospital for a week and rested on November 2nd, 2016.

Fialeny is an angel that is commemorative through this foundation. She was a sociable and happy child that loved helping others and her kind heart is displayed in every child that we will assist in their battle with congenital heart failure.