Dr. William Novick

Founder and Medical Director of William Novick Global Cardiac Alliance, dedicated to improving the care of children with congenital heart defects in destitute countries since 1993. Has taken surgical teams to 40 countries and operated on more than 8,000 children. In 1998, he performed the first open-heart surgery in Bosnia, and in 1999, was operating in Belgrade when NATO bombing began during the Kosovo conflict. Has been awarded four presidential medals since 2002 and was awarded the Frederique Constant Passion Award in 2007. Featured in the 2003 Oscar-winning documentary Chernobyl Heart, and invited to speak to the General Assembly of the United Nations about the effects of the Chernobyl radiation disaster. First American heart surgeon to operate in Iraq after 2003 and in Libya following the revolution. Endowed Professor of Surgery and International Child Health at the University of Tennessee-Memphis. Received cardiac training from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.