Fianette Sanchez & Lenny Hernandez

Founders, Parents of Fialeny Hernandez
When our little angel passed away do to a congenital heart defect, that changed our life drastically. Her constant battle to make it on a daily basis reminded us that Fialeny was a warrior and every day was a challenge with all the medication and aide she needed.  Fialeny had insurance to assist in the process of caring for her but, we thought of all the children who could not afford health aide. Fialeny is gone but, her spirit still lives in both of us everyday. We always had a vision to be philanthropist and when our princess passed we knew we had to take charge and make a change in the world. Our Foundation is to help, assist, educate children and their families to cross the bridge of battling congenital heart defects. Fialeny will always be a part of us and now she will be a part of every child in need.