Pamela Sanchez

President, Fialeny’s Aunt
My sister has always been my role model, at a young age I admired everything she did. As I became an adult and got my degree in International Business I realized that I was born to help others. I started a career in Finance from being a Personal Banker to a Branch Manager and always provided support to my team members. When my niece passed, all my professional experience in being a support system was  deprived. My sister needed every second of me. I resigned from my career and knew that changing lives a heartbeat a time was something that I wanted and needed to do. I saw all the suffering my niece was going through and all the pain my family encountered after Fialeny passed. I realized that congenital heart defects is a huge problem worldwide. It’s devastating to have a child suffer do to lack of health aide and Fialeny, even though she is not here with us, she will be in spirit and in the eyes of all the children we help.