Operation Ecuador from April 28- May 12

Exciting times for our team. Having the opportunity to team up with Cardiac Alliance and help kids with congenital heart disease (CHD) is an honor. Guayaquil Ecuador was the first city we impacted and with your help, many to come!


With the help of The Norvick Cardiac Alliance, over the two week trip nearly 70, children, performing echocardiograms and assessing these children for heart defects. Fifteen children received life-saving heart surgery in 8 days of operation. Many of the children were discharged from the hospital within 48 hours of surgery.

The majority of the children we operated during this trip were between 5-12 years old, with simple heart defects that require surgery in order for them to survive into adulthood. These children have been on a waiting list for surgery for several years, but there are not enough surgeons in Ecuador to provide surgery.

Our trip to Guayaquil helped enhance the medical skills of the surgeons, doctors and nurses so they can continue to provide treatment for children with heart disease in their country.

The girl from the image below is Bianca. Bianca was our first patient this trip and she definitely was a happy little princess! Bianca had a hole in her heart that was patched closed. The breathing tube was removed in the operating room and Bianca arrived in the ICU already smiling.